Monday, January 23, 2006

Almost, but not Quite

I'm not a huge fan of the current administration. Neither is this man. I started off wondering if he had somehow gotten more information that I have to make his judgements. From the article, it doesn't seem so. He levels a very credible claim of jailing without charge or recourse. He has a record of service and a pretty decent argument behind him. Unfortunately, Mr. Belafonte undermines his own argument by trotting out the tired case that Bush did not win the 2001 election. Perhaps some people weren't paying attention, but Bush is in his second term. The '01 election is very, very old news. And as for Iraq not aggressing (to borrow Belafonte's dubious verb), we were brought into the conflict to aid Kuwait, and in the process of enforcing U.N. mandates our planes were repeatedly targeted and fired on. For years.

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