Monday, January 23, 2006

Another Reason I Shouldn't Get an HD TV

As if the potential wallet decimation weren't enough, it seems the high def movies coming next year aren't going to be much of a reason to get an HD TV.

Hey, all you big "entertainment" corporations! Yeah, I'm talking to you! I pay for the stuff I want to keep. So does everyone else I know. You want to stop piracy, go after the big pirates that hurt you. You want to stop piracy, stop grubbing for every potential penny you can get. Give me a five dollar CD, and I can impulse buy a stack of 'em for a song here or there. You hated the VCR and it made you tons of money. Now you hate digital technology, but DVD sales have done enough to revive canceled shows and to get people to actually pay you for rerun fodder. The only thing you are doing by adding layer after layer of acronyms is making it harder for consumers to enjoy what you are selling. At some point, it really is going to be easier to get the high quality copy off the internet than it will be to come up with a compliant stack of devices.

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