Sunday, March 5, 2006

"I Love the Smell of Napalm in the Morning!"

Ahh end times. How I love me some sweet, sweet occult paranoia. Someone finally wrote a book about how RFID chips are the Mark of the Beast. Privacy concerns about RFID are legitimate, to a point. It's just that we already live in a world where one can be tracked if you have your cell phone on, every time you use a credit card, and if your car has one of those satellite help-me systems. As for everyone being required to have an RFID chip to buy and sell things. Um, when was the last time you bought something and it didn't involve a little plastic card (either an actual credit or debit card, or using an ATM card to get the cash)?

For the record, I claim to be a Christian (I don't claim to be a good one...) and being based on Christian holy books doesn't make this sort of thing any less occult. Talk to Biblical scholars and most will tell you that the Revelation of John (no, it's a different John) likely referred to events in the Roman Empire during the time of Nero. Also, while I am disclosing things, I suppose I should say that I work for a company that is owned by a company that also owns a company that makes RFID chips. So it's possible I'm just part of the conspiracy. Or I would be, if I ranked high enough.

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