Friday, June 2, 2006

Violating the First Rule of Fight Club

Techies have stress just like everyone else. Take a look at my previous post for one of many reasons. In this article about real life geek fight clubs, the sociology professor blames the usual suspects: cartoons, movies, and video games. Another claims it's a sadomasochistic fantasy. One of the participants said he wanted to get over his fear of fighting.

The professors are way off here. The urge is simple and much more primal (in my opinion) than any of the professionals admit. People are violent. Men tend toward physical violence and women tend toward "violence" in their social relationships. But as to the fight clubs, go watch the movie guys. It's all about people who feel like they have no control over their lives gaining empowerment. And don't forget, it was the people in the fight club, not the power brokers who play golf, who shut down the city at the end of the movie...

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