Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Watching the Watchers

Personal property rights barely survived a vote in the Senate. I'm referring to flag burning if you didn't read the article. And yes, I believe that I have every right to burn an American flag if I wish to. The flag is a powerful symbol of America, and burning it can be an equally powerful symbol. It certainly gets the attention of certain politicians who should have more important things to do. Unfortunately an election is coming up, and the clowns are seeking talking points.

On the war front, a proposal by insurgents is either a diplomatic breakthrough or a nasty catch-22 depending on your point of view. The administration has said all along that timelines are a disservice to the cause, and I agree with them. Detractors of the war believe we should pursue a more diplomatic approach. The groups that put forward the proposal appear (according to the article) to be the ones who are fighting the U.S. rather than committing random terrorist acts. So, what is the right decision? Or is this another case where there really isn't one?

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