Thursday, September 28, 2006

Shadows of The Cold War

Perhaps it's just my natural interest in such stories, but on the fifth year after the September 11, 2001 attacks, the entertainment industry is providing us a heap of the-world-is-changing stories. From Battlestar Galactica's overt end-of-civilization and Jericho's nukes on the horizon to Heroes's rise of the supermen and Smallville's continuation of the popularity of Superman, America seems to have become more receptive to the style of storytelling last seen in The Cold War. (Throw in Lost's paranoia and manipulation plot and House's overarching cynicism and it's 1984 all over again.)

That's a long preamble to a story about China shining high intensity lasers at U.S. satellites, but the Cold War references are certainly there. I believe that some sort of confrontation with China is going to be hard to avoid, and that right now America is setting itself into a position to lose through our trade practices. The good news about my opinion is that it is based on sketchy knowledge at best and that the world doesn't follow logic enough for me to figure it out.

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