Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Usual Suspects

Another school shooting, another expose on a kid who likes heavy metal, dresses in black, has few friends, plays violent video games, and expresses hatred for authority. As if any of those things are what caused him to go off the deep end in the crazy pool. Perhaps instead of blaming the items that someone chooses to surround himself with, it is time to look into what drives him to those things. Plenty of people play violent games and don't kill others. Plenty of people listen to (and are even inspired by) heavy metal music and don't hurt others.

For those that never saw it, I refer you to one take on it by the controversial former Slashdot writer Jon Katz. Voices from the Hellmouth, and the first part of a multi-part follow-up Voices from the Hellmouth Revisited.

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