Friday, November 17, 2006

Watching the Watchers

First up is what happens when Presidential politics meets the land of under-supplied video game console launches. Apparently Wal-Mart's bitter enemy, John Edwards, is looking for a PS3 for Christmas, and his staffers aren't afraid to drop his name to cut into lines. Wal-Mart loved it. Seriously, how cruddy would it be to have your Christmas present published in the press?

Meanwhile in the world of weapon development, we have the Aliens-like autonomic sentry gun and LASERs in spaaaaaace. The latter story sounds like the Grand Cannon from a cartoon I used to watch back in the day. And who do I have to yell at to get web pages to write articles in a font readable by humans and to use the wacky horizontal space in my browser? But I digress...

It appears that immigrants are going to be devoid of the most basic of rights for a while longer as far as the "war on terror" is concerned.

And finally, we have an article about the ongoing electronic voting fiasco that the primary media (by which I mean every television news program except the Daily Show) has not picked up on.

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