Sunday, January 14, 2007

Waiting for the Pendulum to Swing

I have written before about the idea that there are some signs of the imbalance in the U.S. economy being acknowledged. I'm referring to the overpaid gentry with titles such as CEO, CFO, and Executive Vice President (and to a lesser extent quarterback or point guard or actor). Personally, I have distaste for bureaucrats who add nothing except red tape and overhead, but who are paid more than the people who actually create the products. None are treated worse in this extent than teachers, who have the most important job in the world but make less than the paper pushers who's jobs are titularly to facilitate the teachers actually being able to teach.

One economist asks why income inequality matters. It's a decent question, though the gross reasoning in the article is wishy-washy. But it gains great importance as the Democrats come in with lofty promises of helping the poor up (while exempting the poor in their districts from such aid). And articles such as this description of the growth in median home pricing outpacing the growth of lower to middle grade salaries.

Certainly, I can't complain about the salary I'm being paid, but I certainly can complain about it not keeping pace with inflation. The net result will be me being forced to change jobs just to keep up. And that doesn't sound like a good way to run a business to me. But then I don't have one of those fancy Harvard MBAs.

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