Monday, April 9, 2007

Complaints of Not Enough Trained Tech Workers, In India

Could this be more evidence for the inevitable outsourcing pendulum swing? As market forces continue to increase salaries in the new economy poster child India, the country's trained work force is quickly reaching its limit. Naturally that raises the specter of other countries becoming the new outsourcing targets.

It seems to this ignorant observer that the "information economy" could go one of two ways: either it will rapidly create middle classes around the world the way it did in India and cause a fundamental leveling in global technology salaries, or it will parade around the world in a series of boom/bust cycles in different countries.

Frankly, not all that many people have an aptitude for technology jobs such as computer programming, and even less actually enjoy it. This should result in increasing salaries as demand for their skills increases, but the pointy haired boss types managed to work around the market by outsourcing. Books have been written about the good and the bad effects of outsourcing, but no matter where you fall on the debate, you should be aware that it's a temporary solution at best.

The question that remains is whether technology outsourcing will be hailed as capitalism's greatest success or one of its greatest failures.

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