Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A New Boat With a Proud Old Name

A new USS North Carolina was christened last weekend. The fourth Virginia class submarine SSN 777 is also the fourth American naval vessel to carry the state's name. The previous possessor of that name is the WWII battleship that remains open to the public at Wilmington. The sub has a proud name to live up to, but is actually already contributing to U.S. naval strategy by reportedly helping keep the only two shipbuilding companies that can construct nuclear vessels in business.

[Editorial note: That bit about keeping the shipyards in business is something I can't find an original source for, so it relies on my notoriously bad memory. Also interesting, is the Wikipedia article at the time of this writing contains an inaccuracy about the sub being the fifth USS North Carolina. The sources cited by the article state that it is the fourth. Mark one up in favor of the print sources...]

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