Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Public Opinion is Against Us

A recent poll conducted in several middle eastern states shows some pretty bad scores for the U.S. It seems that on average one in a quarter don't believe al Qaeda was responsible for the World Trade Center attacks, more than half believe we are there to maintain control over oil, and nearly as many think we are trying to spread Christianity. This leads me to wonder if many people in that region view Christianity as the fomenter of violence that many here see in Islam. The poll notes that sixty percent believe suicide bombings were never justified and sixty seven percent believe that Islam was opposed to attacks against civilians. Sounds good, but those numbers are still a bit small for my tastes.

I would love to see how Americans would poll. What percentage of Christians in America would say that suicide bombings are never justified? I would predict, and hope, that the number would be significantly higher than sixty percent.

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