Saturday, May 19, 2007

Corporate Follow Up

The rumors of massive layoffs at IBM I commented on a couple weeks ago are still percolating through the writings of Robert X. Cringely. The past two weeks' columns both contain more on the subject, but it was a quote at the bottom of this week's that really caught my attention. The quote describes almost exactly the situation I face at work at the moment. Sadly this situation seems to be endemic to the large corporate players in the IT field. (With the possible exception of Google.)

As one IBM employee told me, "It is hard to say if it will be worse to be laid off or be stuck working your ass off in a demoralized, understaffed environment in which benefits, training, and pay are shrinking and NEVER increased. The real cuts need to occur at the management and executive levels, which are bloated with clueless business school types whose benefits, training, and pay are constantly increasing. This is really a class issue: the executive class constantly reaps benefits while the bottom feeders do all the work. The bottom line is that the people writing these memos are protected and don't care."

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