Monday, May 28, 2007

Pondering the Meaning of the 'Blog, Again

Writing has never been a consistent practice of mine. It isn't that I don't like it. I do. In theory, I should want to be writing as much as possible to help hone my communications skills for career purposes. But if you follow that theory there are quite a few things that I should be doing to help my career. "Because I should" isn't exactly a good motivator for me. "Because it is interesting" is better. Which brings up the question, is this 'blog interesting to me?

I started this little exercise almost a year and a half ago. This tells me that I'm interested on some level, because if I wasn't I wouldn't still be posting things. Admittedly the posts have been largely quick comments on news stories or other items which interested me. Since I learn best by reading and summarizing, this has served as a memory stimulator. That's great for me, but this 'blog is published on the Internet rather than being stored on my personal computer. That has implications. Or at least it should.

I recently told someone that the problem with public places is that's where the public hangs out. Jeff Atwood has written that without the ability for user comments you can't have a 'blog. I don't think I'm anywhere near ready to try and create and police a community dialog. Bill Harris's blog and those of writers like him are a counterpoint to Mr. Atwood's argument. As are 'blogs such as Mike Wieringo's, where he publishes his warm-up work. These things we call 'blogs may be publicity and self-brand-building, simple hobbies, catharsis, undirected narcissism, or all of the above. Consciously or unconsciously, every 'blog has its purpose. It's high time I spend some energy deciding what will happen in this little corner of the internet.

Ideally, I would write original content on a daily basis for the entertainment, edification, and enlightenment of the denizens of the 'net. Don't hold your breath. As I continue to ponder about these things and others, I may express some of them here. Perhaps this place will become more than just an exercise in helping me remember the trivial links of the day. Perhaps it will not. As Doctor Who is fond of pointing out, "Time will tell. It always does."

Normally, this would be the place where the writer of a real 'blog would ask for your opinions via e-mail. If there is anyone out there reading this but me, feel free to offer any opinions you have. The e-mail address is there for that purpose, and I will read anything I get (eventually). Just remember that at the moment, this is still simply my bit-stream of consciousness...

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