Saturday, June 30, 2007

Watching the Watchers

A few years ago, a vice president of engineering at my workplace jumped up out of his seat to yell me down in response to asking a question about cost of living adjustments to our salaries under a newly announced compensation plan. And in good Dilbert fashion the VP shouted me down with a line that was easy to document as a lie. Enough of my co-workers were shocked by the actions of that VP, that they actually pulled historical documents to show that I was not asking an off-base question. That VP is long gone, but the incident has continued to color my views of COLAs. Naturally the story about the automatic COLA for members of congress got my attention.

The adjustment is made doubly ironic by the continued lack of action on many of the pressing issues from big ones such as immigration reform to the smaller ones such as Internet radio royalty payments. (I should probably note that I actually favored the death of the immigration reform bill. I would instead advocate a real solution that does not give law breakers a thing, but makes entering the country legally easier.)

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