Saturday, August 4, 2007

Software Patents, Again

I'm not a big fan of software patents, or the U.S. patent system in general at the moment. Things have gotten much harder on the patent office as high technology leads greedy corporations to patent things like DNA and computer algorithms in hopes of preventing any competition. That is after all what patents are for. But the people that review the increasingly technical patents may or may not have enough qualification to understand them, let alone do a thorough check for prior art. As the number of patents being applied for continues to increase, it's only going to get harder for the patent office to do an acceptable job.

All that rambling is to introduce an article about software patents over on Coding Horror. If you are a programmer, or a technophile, you should be interested in what is going on with software patents.

On one hand, people have been warning of the danger of software patents for years with no real movement on the issue. On the other, we get stories about patent infringement all the time, such as this one. These are the sorts issues that programmers and hardware designers have to be aware of these days.

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