Sunday, September 23, 2007

Notable News

Finally, there has been some interesting news again, after quite a long dry spell.

First up, there's the bizarre case of people who visit a crater in Peru becoming ill. Nothing conclusive is really known about the crater. The speculation makes it either a meteor impact or an explosion caused by an upwelling of an underground gas pocket. I expect to see that this will become the plot of a horror movie any day now.

Second comes the "watchdog" report out of England that shockingly claims better, more interesting teaching leads to less truancy.

And finally we have a modern take on the 60's era space technology: the nuclear-pulse drive. The idea was basically (very basically), to replace the conventional combustion of rocket fuel with fission bomb detonations in the engine nozzle. The idea was never used for a real ship. It seems the basic concept may have some new non-nuclear legs with the idea of using magnetic compression to trigger explosions . The claim is that the drive can generate the same thrust as the Shuttle main engine with an order of magnitude more efficiency.