Sunday, October 7, 2007

This Week's Link Fest

Starting off in the land of the historical, details are beginning to come out regarding the real story behind the Sputnik launch. Vladimir Isachenkov has the byline of a really in depth and interesting AP story born of talks with the actual people involved in the project that created Earth's first artificial satellite. It's quite a story of engineering daring and political spin.

Meanwhile in Japan, the development of a new stealth fighter is under way and Slashdot provides the relevant links, complete with speculative images that bear a close resemblance to the US F-22.

If fighter jets aren't your style, perhaps the first commercial organic light emitting diode television would be more your speed. The TV itself is a relatively tiny 11 inches, and the $1700+ price is anything but small. However OLEDs are one of the primary contenders to be the future of televisions, replacing the relatively low contrast solid state LED and fragile plasma screens that have only recently become common. OLEDs may eventually enable flexible displays and print-quality resolution, but they will have to overcome the relatively short lifespan of the display materials as well as the usual hurdles of a concept moving from the lab to the store.

Finally, if all this talk of technology makes you weary (or if you just need a little boost), try doing some simple stretches to get the blood moving again.