Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bullet List Considered Slightly Less Boring than Explanation

I had originally intended to write a nice overview of how Blogger templates worked, and how I was changing mine from the default. Luckily for you, I realized along the way why nobody writes about this kind of thing: it’s rather boring. But I don’t want this to be an empty post, so in case there is anyone out there who wonders about making simple modifications to a template, here’s what I did to get from the default Blogger template Scribe to what you see now:
  • Changed all non-link text colors to black.
  • Changed link colors to be something closer to the standard blue and red scheme.
  • Changed the default Georgia, Times New Roman, Sans-Serif font progressions to Verdana, Helvetica, Ariel, Sans-Serif.
  • Changed the body background to black with no image.
  • Removed the side borders from the outer-wrapper div and changed it to a relative width of 90% instead of a fixed pixel size width. Changed its color to burlywood.
  • Removed the background images from divs main-top, main-bot, and wrap2 and set the background color to antiquewhite. Changed their fixed widths to 100% relative.
  • Added text-align: center to h1 and .Header .description.
  • Changed #main's fixed width to 75% relative.
  • Changed #sidebar's fixed width to 25% relative.
  • Removed the background images from #header and #footer and replaced them with a burlywood border at the bottom and top respectively.
  • Removed all formatting for in-post lists (both li and ul).
In the process of making these changes, the Firefox plug-in Firebug was incredibly handy in both exploring the format of the template and testing changes. I used it to view the layout of the CSS and make temporary modifications in-place to see how the page would look. The tool is actually capable of much more, but even these simple functions were an enormous boon to figuring out the template and coming up with a decent (I hope) color scheme.

As always, there will probably be more changes along the way, but that doesn't mean I will subject you to having to read about them.

Also, in a fit of insanity, I have turned on comments for the 'blog. Behave yourselves.

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