Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Power, Robots, Disruptive Tech, and also Zombies

I realize that I haven't had a post about my desire to see chemical batteries go the way of the dodo since switching over to Blogger. Well, it's time for that to change as ultracapacitors begin to come into use for some tasks.

In other power news, it looks like nuclear may be poised for a comeback. An application for the first new nuclear fission plant in three decades was submitted in (where else) Texas.

And with all the new power generation and storage technology coming, what better thing to power than autonomous, urban-driving-capable robots. Coming soon to a military convoy near you. Who knows, they may eventually even give truckers a reason to worry about their jobs.

Unfortunately, I don't have a clever transition to lead up to mentioning the awkwardly named Eee PC from ASUS. This book sized wonder is a pretty obvious example of the first generation of a couple disruptive technologies combining that could eventually lead to an ultra-mobile class PC that is inexpensive enough to undercut the laptop market. I don't recommend being an early adopter, but I for one will be looking hard at the second and third generations of this device as a possible second computer.

Finally, if all this high tech seriousness isn't good enough for you, the folks of the Archaeological Institute of America show they have a sense of humor by publishing the first historical evidence of zombie attacks. They included self-defense techniques for stopping zombies using equipment normally found at a dig site, just in case.

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Jeff said...

Ultra-capacitors get me all charged up.