Sunday, December 2, 2007

Look Ma, No Transitions

Google wants renewable energy sources to become cheaper than coal (the current market price leader). It's an admirable goal, and perhaps a world changing one. If they succeed, Google will save tremendous amounts of money on power, and that's just good business. Unless you are in the power generation business. (And because of that, I almost decided to put this story into the Watching the Watchers section. Certainly, Google is watching you at least as effectively as the government...)

Scientific American Mind magazine posits that focusing on the effort of learning will allow children to confront issues much more so than stroking egos with praises revolving around talent or intelligence. I like this article because it rings true to my experiences, and I wonder if what we usually call talent isn't just someone being unusually motivated to try and learn in a given field.

This Victorian music-box styled laptop may be the single coolest case modification I've ever seen. There is some serious craftsmanship going on there. Not to mention a large indication of free time...

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