Sunday, March 16, 2008

Late Sunday Points of Interest

If you steal music using the Internet, would you be willing to pay five dollars a month to go legal? If you don't steal music, would you be willing to pay five dollars a month to allow you to access the downloads? How about if you don't access music at all over the internet? This situation could appear on your Internet Service Provider's bill sooner than you think, as the music industry struggles to adjust to the digital, connected world.

Speaking of the Internet, China is coming under scrutiny for more than just poor manufacturing quality control. Internet crime is rife in the country, and there are signs of a pattern of cyber-attacks from China against U.S. military computing infrastructure. As if the various virii weren't enough trouble.

Speaking of trouble, did you know there's only one company in the world that can cast the containment vessels for nuclear reactor cores in one piece? The bottleneck could slow any attempts at large scale nuclear reactor deployment. Given the economic news in the U.S. this could be a big deal in the coming decades.

Speaking of the economy, the U.S. no longer has the world's largest gross domestic product. Thanks to currency fluctuations, the "Euro zone," the group of fifteen countries that use the Euro, now has a larger collective GDP than America.

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