Monday, April 14, 2008

Sometimes the Wild Goose Chases You

Some cities have pigeons. In Greensboro, we have Canadian Geese. In the last week or so, a pair of geese made a nest in a nook at the foot of the building where I work. It's a good spot, sheltered from most of the elements and warmed by the south-facing building. The only downside is the parking lot within about eight feet of the nest, which frequently hosts a bunch of large, noisy animals, all of which must be driven off by the half of the pair of geese not currently sitting on the nest. The normally oblivious geese are hissing, flapping their wings, and even buzzing these perceived threats. The funny thing is: the geese don't know what the pavement means. You just know they think they are scaring away the giant cars.

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