Sunday, May 11, 2008

Adventure's Waiting Up Ahead! (Speed Racer "review")

I've just come home from seeing the new Speed Racer movie. When I sat down, I was going to write about how the Wachowski brothers, as with their Matrix trilogy, were drawing on the stylings of Japanese comics and animation to create a movie that was confusing to critics. I was going to say how those critics were looking for something that wasn't going to be there and somehow missed a really great family movie. I was going to go for a reasoned analysis, but I decided not to. Why not? Because I came out of it grinning from ear to ear. Because this isn't a movie for the critics, this is a movie about a family for families.

Certainly, I'm biased, because I was just the right age for Speed Racer when I saw it as a kid, and I spent many an afternoon taking Hot Wheels and Matchbox through death defying races in the canyons made by the furniture of my home. But you don't need to know the original to appreciate this reinvention. If you like your action movies with a little heart, and aren't afraid to let go and pull for the good guy to win the race, Speed Racer is worth a viewing on the big screen.

Just remember as you drive home: you don't have automatic jacks on your car.

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