Sunday, June 29, 2008

Musical Time Travel

We've just had a bit of a rain here, and as the sun is setting, the world appears to have had an amber filter thrown over it. It's an eerie almost alien looking thing that I always enjoyed as a kid. For a brief time, it allows me to see with my own eyes the science fiction environs the TV shows and stories presented. One of the oldest and best of those childhood sci-fi memories is Doctor Who.

Through a series of serendipitous happenings, Doctor Who is a show that can literally last forever. It has a built in mechanism for reinvention, as we have seen with the new BBC series since 2005. One thing that hasn't changed much are the iconic sounds of the show, from the Tardis to the Daleks, these are sounds that trigger deep memories for me. And since the current series has been producing some very excellent stories, and the world outside is yellow-orange, I thought I would present a bit of a history lesson. Thanks to the work of some random person on the internet, I can present a pretty decent look at the various regenerations of the title theme. There is no other theme like the Doctor Who theme. Though it has evolved with the show through the years, its sound remains unmistakable.

The intro on this video is more than a little inane, but I can't complain too much since I didn't do the work myself. Just skip ahead to 55 seconds in for the actual content.

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