Saturday, June 28, 2008

Watching the Watchers: Rising Oil Prices Swinging the Jobs Pendulum Back?

Let's start off with a link to the BBCs excellent summary of the factors currently driving the price of oil up. I'll cleverly follow that up with an ABC story about how rising transportation costs and the falling dollar are beginning to return manufacturing jobs to America. So, is this the inevitable moment where the pendulum begins to swing in the other direction for the globalization movement, or is it a momentary blip? Should I feel guilty about being rather happy to see some of the potentially positive side effects of rising oil prices?

Meanwhile, the government, in all its wisdom, is no longer accepting applications to build solar power plants on public land in order to do a comprehensive environmental impact assessment. This puts a crimp in the plans of smaller businesses trying to take advantage of the growing demand for alternative energy. The story does not address how this will affect attempts to build solar plants on private land. (Presumably that's much, much more expensive than using public land.)

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