Monday, July 14, 2008

Going Up Causes Going Down, Not Going Up Much Longer, and Going Up

Recent news brings us one study that claims something good will come of high gas prices: fewer automobile fatalities. Apparently people slowing down to save gas also causes the rate of fatal accidents to drop. I really, really want to make a snide remark about people who would find this surprising. But I won't.

NASA has set a tentative date for the final space shuttle mission. It's probably not a hard date, since it's based on mission windows, but if things go to schedule the last shuttle mission will fly at the end of May 2010. NASA's Constellation program will eventually fill the gap left by the retirement of the aging shuttle program. I was in grade school back in the early 80s when the shuttles started launching, and we would pause in whatever class we were in to watch the news broadcast of the liftoffs. These days launches barely get a mention, but the shuttles' place in history is assured.

And what would a news summary be without some info on yet another advancement in solar cell technology. This time around, it's an improvement in polymer based solar cells. This type of cell is cheaper to manufacture than the normal silicon cell, but currently far less efficient.

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