Thursday, July 24, 2008

Time for a New Look

The brown color scheme of the site was really beginning to grate on me. So over the last couple of days I have been messing with the color scheme. I'm going to try to forget the blue and gray attempt of the past couple of days. I really hope you will too if you saw it... I'm pretty lousy with the aesthetics, so I went googling for some online tools to help me come up with some decent colors, which is how I found the Color Combinations site. After poking around for a while, looking at the different color schemes they showed, I decided I liked the colors they were using the best. So in traditional web fashion, I swiped 'em for my own purposes. While I was in the template, I did some other CSS tweaks to improve the general look of post layouts. Let me know what you think about the changes. If you didn't notice anything different, well, that's OK too.

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