Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Keep on Breathin'...

This is the result of a very early morning that featured classic rock, local news, and a trip to the medicine cabinet. Sung to the tune of "Keep on Rockin' in the Free World" with apologies to Neal Young and everyone who reads it...

There's pollen in the air
From the grassy weeds
People sniffin' over there
People sneezin' in their seats
There's a box of Claratin in the cabinet
It's a lot better with a big dose of decongestant
Don't feel like working, but there's bills to pay
So I try to keep awake all the long day

Keep on breathin' in this sneeze world. (Repeat 3 more times)

There's an orange alert
They say the air is bad
And the news advert
Is another truck ad
So I pop a Tylenol and another one or two
It's hard to stare at a screen with your head splittin' in two
There we all are at work just plugging away
Cause it's what we do and there's nothin' else to say

Keep on breathin' in this smog world. (Repeat 3 more times)

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