Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Traveling Gnomes, Flying Drones, and a Spy Chef

There have been some amusing things in the news lately. Naturally, I must share.

A garden gnome vanished from a Gloucester yard only to be returned seven months later with a photo album of the twelve countries he had visited. That's a pretty good story. Though it would have been better if the kidnappers hadn't broken his feet off in the process...

In a story sure to provoke Skynet references, the first full Air Force air wing to go all unmanned will be the 174th fighter wing. They are replacing F-16s with MQ-9 Reaper drones. The Air Force cites greater endurance and cheaper operation as the reasons to replace the manned fighters with drones.

And finally, the National Archive released previously classified documents concerning the Office of Strategic Services, a precursor to the CIA. The OSS was created during World War II and the released documents indicate the spy network was nearly twice as large as estimated. Many people who served in the OSS went on to fame later in their lives. For some reason of all the people listed, the media chose to highlight Chef Julia Child. Hey, it caught my eye. Bon appetit!

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