Friday, September 26, 2008

Attempting Programmer Humor, You May Want to Skip This One

I'm violating my policy about posting during work hours and not mentioning work, but when I got in to the office this morning, I couldn't actually do anything. That and an early morning dose of The Beach Boys on VH1 Classic, and well, this is what happens. With apologies to The Beach Boys, this is set to the tune of Barbara Ann.

I went to the view, tryin' for a build
Saw vobs are locked, my momentum has been killed.
The VOBs are locked, VOBs are locked
(VOB VOB VOB VOB VOBs are locked!
This early morn)
I should be sleepin' in my bed now
Sleepin' in my bed now
VOBs are locked VOB VOB
VOB VOB VOB VOB VOBs are locked!

Yeah. Just be glad I left out the verse about swipin' cards...

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