Friday, September 19, 2008

The DTV Transition is Here, Sort Of

Wilmington, NC was a pilot area for the coming transition from analog television broadcasting to the new land of digital. The News & Record chimes in with a statistics filled report, but as usual one must go elsewhere to get any real analysis of the reported data. This past Wednesday, the major networks' analog signals were briefly cut off here in Greensboro as well. Of course, there has been no reporting on the outcome of that test. Tune in this coming February for the shock and awe that occurs when people who aren't paying attention are deprived of the idiot box.


Lee said...

There's very little pain if the TV is just a monitor for your DVD player. That doesn't mean it isn't still an "idiot box" of course.

I still think this isn't much more than a windfall for the TV manufacturers.

Brian said...

The real windfall goes to the government, which will auction off the analog TV spectrum. Though I'm sure the TV manufacturers didn't object.