Saturday, October 18, 2008

Astrogeeks, A Galactic Civilizations 2 Story, Part 2

When last we left my fictitious race of breakaway geeks, their little chunk of the galaxy was busy but calm. In June of 2227 they had their first official contact with the second major alien power in the area, the Arceans, but there was no meaningful interaction going on between the geeks and the other powers. About that time, the exploration ship found a class fourteen world off in the left corner of the map, about as far away from the other races as it could be. Worlds in GalCiv2 are rated by how much territory is usable, a class seven world has seven squares to build on, a class fourteen has twice as many. Higher class worlds are obviously more desirable. So off in the corner is exactly where I want to find a really nice world. It lessens the chance the other races will claim it in the month and a half it will take to build a colony ship and send it out that far.

As I build up my planets, the economy tightens up. All those factories, research centers, and entertainment complexes take money to run and tax revenue, even boosted by economic centers, isn't expanding nearly as quickly as the construction projects are. I'm still on the net positive side of the income curve at full production levels, but just barely. Tax rates have gone from single digits early on to the current level of 39%. Natrually my approval rating is down from 100% to 59%. Luckily, Homeworld has finished its social building projects for now and is directing all industrial output to the production of ships. I should be able to build constructors to put up a mining base on a nearby economic resource in short order. My ascension crystal bases remain safe since neither of the other races have started building a military.

In mid-September, the geeks colonize the class 14 world, Kerchen I. The screenshot shows its huge... tracts of land and my early usage plans. It has two squares with ancient artifacts that will boost research output of buildings put on them, and I want to get labs built on them as quickly as I reasonably can.

In February 2228, the Altarans got desparate enough for worlds to colonize the other inhabitable world in the Homeworld system. The geeks hadn't bothered with the tiny class 4 iceball before, but I knew something would have to be done about it now. I need not have worried. The geeks plyed the citizens of the new world with a steady stream of sci-fi entertainment and video games, and within two months they decided they liked the geek culture more than the Altarans and defected to become part of the geek empire. All with no extra work on my part. Of course, that saddled me with yet another planet to pay for. Getting the geeks' economy ready for the eventual appearance of military forces remains the top priority.

By July my scout ship had spotted three more ascension crystals. One was in Arcean territory and out of range of my ships, but the other two were within reach in the upper corner of the map. My scientists were happily showing off some prototype rail guns about the same time. Unfortunately, some judicous use of my spy networks and the diplomatic technology trading screen told me the Arceans had been developing laser weapons, and they had already started producing military ships. It was no coincidence that the week I created a fourth ascension crystal starbase, the first pair of new Ming class corvettes took up defensive orbits around Kerchen I and Cordelia I, with Homeword I working hard to build defensive vessels of its own.

After more than a full year of quiet expansion tensions are beginning to escalate...

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