Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Hyperbole is Killing Me!

OK, I've been good. I haven't said anything directly about the election here. Nobody cares what some random programmer from the battleground state that didn't matter thinks about politics, and I know it. But enough is enough.

I'm begging, please, everyone take a deep breath and get a grip. Hey, all you big C Conservatives, the free market isn't going to be destroyed, your guns aren't going to be taken, your SUVs will still be in your driveways, and CEOs will still make a disproportionately ridiculous amount of money. Hey, all you big L Liberals, global warming isn't solved, universal health care still doesn't exist, there's still a couple of wars on, and see also all that stuff I just said to the Conservatives.

Yes, the election of Barack Obama is a big deal, but it isn't the end of the world or the beginning of a new world. Congress is mostly the same. The courts are mostly the same. The people around you are still the same people that were there a month ago. There's another set of elections in two years, and I can almost guarantee you the exact same issues that were talked about in this election will be on the table then as well. Let's just all calm down and look at things the way they are. We've got problems to solve, big and small, and the hyperbolic reactions don't help get things done, they just set up impossible expectations and perpetuate the aura of partisan fear that is destroying politics in this country.

And "newscasters," you aren't helping anyone. Seriously. I get that you have to get ratings by sensationalizing everything, but would it kill you to do some actual fact checking rather than having endless talking heads? They aren't helping anything either.

And for all my readers who want some accurate and even handed reporting, keep your eyes open. You can find honesty and intelligent analysis in the strangest of places.

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