Friday, November 7, 2008

Quick Friday Updates; Like Twitter, but without the word limit

As much time as I've spent over the past two weeks sitting and waiting for things to finish running, you people should be deeply happy I don't post things while at work. There's no telling what would have ended up here.

I'm taking a drawing class, so you should also be happy I don't have a scanner. I might have posted the upside down horse drawing just for the sheer random factor. (Though the technique was a really nifty way of focusing on how to draw lines.)

I'm digging the laptop lifestyle, but large Dell laptops aren't made to actually be held in your lap.

The Internet is awesome because it reminds me of all the stuff there is out there to learn and do and see. It's annoying because I don't actually have the time to learn or the energy to do most of that stuff.

Speaking of awesome, if the official Lego sets resulted in creations like these, I would have a house full of 'em. This link goes out especially to my former roommates.

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