Sunday, January 25, 2009

An Annoying Blogger Deficiency

Since I joined Facebook a few weeks back, I have been pondering whether to import this blog there. Normally, it would be a no-brainer to do so in an effort to get more readers. Unfortunately, I want people who might make comments to make them here on the blog site rather than through Facebook. The obvious answer to that problem would be to syndicate just the titles of the posts rather than the entire text, forcing people who wanted to see the posts to click through the link. But blogger doesn't offer title only as a feed option, and the only alternative, the so called "short" feed, is a terrible format that cuts off posts at an arbitrary point and gives readers no indication that there may be more to the article than what they see.

So what do you guys think? Is anyone out there reading this via the feed or is everyone just using a web browser? Do my faithful readers who are also Facebooking want to see silly things like this appear over there?

And yes, I expect all three of my regular readers to answer in the comments.

And while I'm begging for information, anyone out there in Internet land know a simple way to get blogger to syndicate just post titles? My preference would be not having to sign up for yet another service to do so.


Lee said...

Doesn't matter to me. I'll keep up with it whatever you do.

I actually use iGoogle to present me the feeds of blogs I keep track of, and usually if a title there strikes my fancy, I'll jump to the actual blog rather than read the text on iGoogle's page.

I have a few friends that post on blogger/wordpress/whatever and then post a note or status to indicate they have a new entry. That way, people will go to the blog and likely comment there rather than returning to Facebook to comment.

Can't help you with the feed issue - I've never looked for it in Blogger.

fergus said...

I use Google Reader to subscribe to your blog, so seeing it in Facebook wouldn't make a difference to me. Though I think it would help you reach out to others. Comments are overrated.

Not sure what you're wanting with the other thing.