Sunday, January 4, 2009

Major Study Comparing Different Energy Sources and the Elusive Supercapacitor

Both Slashdot and Ars Technica mentioned a major study of alternative power sources coming out of Stanford University a couple of weeks ago. The summary puts wind as the big winner, photovoltaic in the middle of the pack, and ethanol at the bottom of the pack behind even nuclear (fission) and so called "clean coal" methods. It's an interesting study of the technologies as they stand now, especially since it looks at the total cost including environmental and human impact. I still think the biggest barrier for people will be changing their vehicles. The generation-side power changes should be a cakewalk compared to creating an electric or fuel cell pickup truck.

Speaking of converting vehicles, secretive startup EEStor recieved a U.S. patent grant for its supercapacitor design. Supposedly, the Canadian company Zenn will be producing electric vehicles using the supercapacitors by the end of this year. If this doesn't turn into vaporware, it could be a huge game changer. But then, I've been wanting chemical batteries gone for a long time.

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fergus said...

Thanks for keeping up with my favorite bit of vaporware. Game-changer, indeed.