Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Musings

The person trying to save the failing players in our last Rock Band session was cursing more than those of us who were failing. We didn't have time to curse. In related non-news, Expert difficulty is rough. And I have only enough Live points left for one song. Naturally, they pick this week to release Roy Orbison tracks.

I'm not exactly a trend follower, as evidenced by just joining the social networking crowd recently. However, the record for my unwillingness to follow a trend is still held by the ATM machine. I've never used one. And don't hold your breath for me to start texting you either. I'm not paying enough money to get data from a space telescope just for a modern version of a telegraph message. Especially not when I have a phone in my hand.

Switching from holiday (lack of) schedule back to the normal work day leads to my stomach reminding me that breakfast at six in the a.m. is significantly farther from dinner time than nine. And now if you will excuse me, it's apparently dinner time.

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