Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Prisoner: A Classic Sci-Fi Show Available For Free

A secret agent resigns in anger. When he gets home, he suddenly feels faint then collapses. Some time later he wakes up in an idyllic, completely self-contained village where nobody has a name, just a number. Everyone calls him Number 6, and a mysterious person known as Number 2 wants to know why he resigned. Pervasive cameras, double agents, and a malevolent weather balloon make sure he doesn't stray, and nothing is quite as it seems on the surface.

This is the setup for the classic sci-fi show The Prisoner. I could attempt to describe the show by making some sort of Alias by way of 1984 reference, but really, the show defies easy comparison. It's a masterpiece of paranoia, and a very, very strange ride. Personally, I think it's well worth your time. It's main theme of a man who refuses to be "pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, or debriefed" holds up very well today. For your viewing convenience AMC has all the shows' episodes available online.

If you don't want to watch it, that's fine too. It's your choice. Of course, sooner or later you will watch the show. Sooner or later you will want to. Be seeing you.

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Lee said...

I've heard good things about it. Now that it's easy and free I plan to watch. The first episode was good (and helped me decide that Kristy wouldn't like it)