Sunday, January 25, 2009

Watching the Watchers: Business, Taxes, and Where Your Money May Be Going

Google has been a huge success, based primarily on the services it provides. But once a business grows to a sufficient size, things start to change. Google has powerful enemies, and there is a reason why some people consider "The Art of War" to be a book about business strategy. Wired gives us a long article covering why the government is crucial to Google's continued success, and the tactics some older companies are using to ensure Google doesn't grow any farther. It's a rare glimpse into the (rather depressing) realities of large business tactics in America today.

In this time of economic downturn, the government is going to be looking everywhere it can to get money. People are still advocating virtual economies as one untapped (e.g. untaxed) resource. I find it rather amusing on a couple of levels. After all, we are living the consequences of having the economy driven by imaginary money in the form of home loan speculation, and I just can't picture how adding a tax burden to an emerging market will help. Then again having World of Warcraft gold appear on the markets beside the dollar and euro would be completely hilarious.

Speaking of taxes, Obama's stimulus plan has been unveiled. I'm going to make like a reporter and not post any judgments about it myself. I'll just point you to one real reporter's post of some spending examples from the plan and you can decide for yourself if you like where you money might go.

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