Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Nuc For China and a Solar Buildup

Nuclear power remains the single universally usable source of economical, non-fossil fuel power. Here in America, new nuclear plants are non-existent, but Westinghouse is building its first Generation 3+ nuclear reactor in China. Apparently, not everyone over there favors it, as the Slashdot links demonstrate.

Nuclear power isn't my first choice, but solar still struggles to get its act together. However, signs of improvement continue happening in both research and the commercial market. Scientists are testing a new technique that uses single celled algae to triple the efficiency of thin film solar cells. Thin film cells have certain advantages over the typical silicon cells we picture when we think solar, but they are currently only half as efficient as the silicon variety. As for the commercial side, solar cities are getting a boost from two very different areas: a new wholly solar powered community in Florida and Rome. That's right, the Pope is trying to go from consuming Italy's power to being a power producer.

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