Sunday, April 19, 2009

Time Sheds Light on Two Stories

I've got two links for you today with a common thread of needing time to sort out the truth.

A decade has passed since the tragic school killings at Columbine High School in Denver. The story that emerged from those days of outcast boys who played too many video games, were members of the "trench coat mafia," and were ridiculed by other students remains a fixture in the cultural landscape. It's also completely wrong. In depth journalism now reveals a very different, and ultimately more frightening tale of a true sociopath and just how bad the situation could have been. I've been a cynic about the 24 hour news culture for a long time now, but the depths to which the reporting on Columbine was wrong astonishes me. This is one you need to read.

Luckily, the second story isn't nearly as ominous, though it does have ties to dark times of the Cold War. The name Area 51 conjures up legend and myth in equal proportion, and to this day it doesn't officially exist. But now the government has started declassifying the A-12 OXCART program (a progenitor of the SR-71). For the first time, people who were stationed at the famous Nevada desert base can talk about their time there, and the stories are fascinating.

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