Saturday, May 23, 2009

About That New Terminator Movie

I enjoyed it. Not as much as Star Trek, or Terminator 2, but more than Terminator 3. The trailer gives away the big twist in the movie, not that it's all that shocking to begin with. They've got that over-saturated-gray thing going too much in the wasteland. (Dear movie and video game industries, get a new shtick for ruins now please, this one doesn't look as good as you seem to think it does.) For those that care at all about such things, the movie appears to follow the continuity, such that it is, of the previous movies, completely ignoring The Sarah Connors Chronicles. Lots of action, big robots, nods to the previous movies, and not much else. Like Star Trek, this is a well trod property being done up as a big budget summer action flick. It's entertaining, but ultimately brings nothing new to the table.

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