Saturday, June 20, 2009

Back to the Usual (Lack of) Business

An impending major deadline at the office, and the resulting crunch mode has shut down work on EAR for the time being, and that means it's back to the normal brand of nonsense found here. But first, something a bit different...

I don't normally find my neighborhood in the local news. Like countless other townhouse communities across the nation, we're a pretty quiet bunch. This changed slightly when the farm animals started roaming around. I'd been hearing a rooster as I leave to go to work in the mornings for a long time, which wasn't a bother. The mocking birds are far louder when they sit on the fence outside my window. Seeing a turkey wandering around one weekday at lunch was an oddity. But it was the cow running past my front window one Saturday morning that really made me take notice (and briefly wonder if I had finally cracked). Mentioning it to a neighbor, I was told about the pony. And the calls to animal control. Things came to a head this week and here's the resulting story. I urge you to also read the comments afterward as the report left several key points out. (There's a reason I don't subscribe to the local newspaper.)

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