Monday, May 31, 2010

Announcing Code Monkeying

[Update: I gave up on the Code Monkeying experiment in June of 2011, and folded much of its content back into this blog.]

For years, I've struggled with the programming section of this blog.  Generally, this is a place where I post what I've been spending my spare time with, or stories that caught my eye in the news, things I'm pondering, or general silliness.  As a programmer by trade, I continued to want to write about the subject, but I've never really been able to fit those topics into the tone of this blog.  So I'm going to stop trying.  From now on, the Bit-Stream of Consciousness will be free of programming topics.

That doesn't mean I will stop writing about programming.  Quite the contrary.  Over the years, I've often wanted to write more about programming.  After thinking about it for a long time, I decided to go ahead with an experiment: my new programming-related blog.  Things are a little ugly over there right now, because the first subject I'm tackling is building a working Blogger template from scratch, and it's still ongoing.  If you decide to start following, you will be able to see the evolution of the template live as I update it.

Without further ado, I present:
Fighting Programming Burnout with a Flamethrower

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