Sunday, June 6, 2010

Today's Musical Diversion

I first heard this one as the intro track for the videogame Borderlands.  It stuck in my head for weeks thanks to a catchy chorus and the slide guitar. Here's "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" from Cage the Elephant.

High and Low Tech Medicine of the Future

I haven't collected many story links lately, being busy will do that to a guy, but the ones I have found in recent months centered around medicine.  There has been talk of the amazing nano-tech future for a long time, much of it centering around the more sci-fi aspects of ultra-small things.  However, the folks at Cal. Tech are in human trials with "nanobots" that can cure cancer.  With no side effects.  While we are curing cancer, let's take out genetic blindness using gene therapy too.  This is some seriously awesome stuff.  But it's not just the high-tech miracles that matter.  Sometimes simple ingenuity can make a difference too.  Like creating a medically useful centrifuge out of a salad spinner for places where electricity isn't a given, and costs are critically important.  Advances, both small and large, continue to bring the future closer to now, and I find it pretty encouraging.