Thursday, September 30, 2010

Playing Catch-up with Green Tech

Cripes, is it the end of September already?  I've been accumulating story links as usual, but quite lax at posting them, so prepare for a green tech link dump!

Out in the Pacific, there's a vast area covered in plastic trash, which is sort of appalling.  Now there's a research project to turn it into an island, which is sort of hilarious.  Hey, why not, we need the jobs.

In more current construction projects, excavation has started in France on the future site of the ITER fusion reactor.  And it only took twenty-five years to get started.

From the perpetually fifty years away we go to the probably fifty years away with Boeing's concept aircraft of the future.  One of the concepts uses hybrid electric battery/gas turbine to vastly decrease fuel use.

And finally, there's a story that sounds like pure science fiction, but like so many other things, it's coming true.  Scientists are researching using biological processes to create self-regenerating solar cells.

I'll admit, I sometimes wonder if most of my posts here lately would work better in twitter...

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