Saturday, January 8, 2011

Global Warming A-Go-Go

Sigh. I am more tired of global warming than any other political subject save one.  And yes, it's beyond clear that global warming has ceased being a scientific discussion and become a political straw man.  The recently leaked Fox News editorial memo neatly illustrates both the political problem and the issue of how the media relates to scientists.  I'm reminded of Issac Asimov's fictional mathematician Hari Seldon being called to task for predicting the fall of the Galactic Empire in Foundation:
Q: Can you prove this mathematics is valid?

A: Only to another mathematician.

Q: (with a smile) Your claim then, is that your truth is of so esoteric a nature that it is beyond the understanding of a plain man. It seems to me truth should be clearer than that, less mysterious, more open to the mind.

A: It presents no difficulties to some minds. The physics of energy transfer, which we know as thermodynamics, has been clear and true through all the history of man since the mythical ages, yet there may be people present who would find it impossible to design a power engine. People of high intelligence, too.
In the age of the Internet, we should all be aware just how dangerous it is to allow any criticism to invalidate an argument.

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