Saturday, February 19, 2011

China Military on the Rise, the U.S. Military Gets All Sci-Fi

Breaking news! ... From a month and a half ago.  (Hey, I've been busy, you get what you pay for.)  Anyway, it seems the Chinese are working on a new stealth fighter.  If only they had some sort of maverick pilot to help speed along its development.  In all seriousness, Chinese military power is on the rise and the U.S. military recently renewed diplomatic communications with them.  There are quite a few reasons why the rise of China as the world's premier super-power could be pretty much inevitable at this point.  (The current super power mortgaged itself to China, for one.)

Whether a more powerful China is a factor or not, the U.S. remains a country that loves its toys.  For one thing, the U.S. Navy is working hard on laser weapons, and has successfully tested a free electron laser in the 14 kilowatt range, with an eye toward eventual anti-missile and -aircraft use.  For another, the U.S. Navy's premier carriers, the Nimitz class vessels have been in production since 1975.  With the 2009 commissioning of the latest one, the Navy decided it was time to create a new design using modern technology.  Technology such as using electromagnetic rail guns to catapult aircraft rather than steam catapults.

High powered lasers and fighters launching via electromagnetics...  I think I've seen that somewhere before.  Oh yeah, Battlestar Galactica.  Perhaps you think that's a stretch?  Well guess what, we're building our own cylon raiders too.  Sure, we call it the X-47B unmanned bomber, but really, just look at the picture, that thing's a cylon.

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