Monday, July 4, 2011

Quick Hits to Catch Up

I've had several things sitting in the potentially-interesting queue for far too long. In the name of catching up, here comes the dreaded link-post!

In the category of Watching the Watchers we have:
From the land of programming:
  • A nice little screed on process killing passion. This one also generates a decent Quote of the Moment with, "A project where you decide before you start a product cycle the features that must be in the product, the ship date, and the assigned resources is a waterfall project." The comments are fairly reasonable too.
  • An opinion piece on why the current practices regarding foreign workers in the science and engineering industries hurts, and more importantly discourages, American workers.
Over in green tech:
  • Scientists at MIT are working on a catalyst that can split water into hydrogen and oxygen simply by being exposed to sunlight. The resulting hydrogen can then be used as a power source via burning or a fuel cell.
  • Others are working on creating batteries with charging profiles more like supercapacitors, that is to say really quick. Since I'm more interested in going the other way to supercapacitors that can replace batteries, I'll note that the basic premise of the improvement in that article sounds quite similar to research going into graphine supercapacitors talked about in this article and this one.
  • Before leaving the land of the supercapacitor, here's one more article about combining material types to try and gain the best properties of each.
Yes, I realize I had enough material there for three full posts. But hey, it's a holiday.
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